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July 2022

MetaHuman technology helped a team of researchers to piece together a digital replication of what a 10,000-year-old prehistoric man looked like when he walked the earth. Using DNA analyses from the research team, the 3Lateral team was able to set references for the prehistoric man’s hair color, skin tone, wrinkles, and eye color. MetaHuman technology combined with Unreal Engine, we were able to do more than just create a reference image of what he may have looked like – we were able to animate his facial features and estimate his expressions.

We worked with teams of archaeologists, forensics, anthropologists, and with support from the national platform Serbia Creates, the virtual and physical models of the Shaman were developed and eventually unveiled at the Dubai Expo 2020. The interactive exhibit allowed visitors to capture their own expressions via iPhone and see their facial animations mirrored on-screen in real-time by the digital Shaman, and this same display was later exhibited at the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade, and the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.


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