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Character creation & animation

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Elevate your story with breathtaking digital characters that look and feel like the real deal.

3Lateral covers the entire character creation and animation pipeline. Our services are built around 4D data and crafted for AAA game development and blockbuster linear content productions. Interested in doing it yourself? Before engaging with us, consider exploring the MetaHuman product suite to complete your project on your own.


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Character creation and animation

Realize your visual fidelity ambitions and creative vision through believable digital characters that help the audience bond with your story.

Crafted for narrative-focused AAA productions

Complete solution

We handle every step of the character creation and animation production, from scanning to runtime characters in your project.

Our character services stand out for their holistic coverage of the entire character creation and animation pipeline—from scanning to runtime characters. Our team’s commitment ensures the delivery of high-fidelity digital humans or creature characters, meeting your project needs and quality targets.

MetaHuman standards

We leverage uniform asset formats that build on MetaHuman standards, making for a smooth production experience for your team.

Our pipeline underpins Epic Games’ MetaHuman character production standards. The characters we deliver build on MetaHuman asset formats and are compatible with MetaHuman Animator, supporting efficient and consistent content creation workflow across large-scale productions.


We harness the power of ongoing R&D; our character production solutions will enhance your project with forward-looking character fidelity.

Benefit from an early adopter advantage with our forward-looking character production solutions. Backed by decades of digital human research and development, our commitment to continuous innovation across technology and creative storytelling will keep you at the forefront of the industry.

Geared for success

We have earned a reputation as a trusted partner, renowned across the AAA industry for results that serve as a benchmark for the highest quality.

Our track record of successful delivery includes some of the industry’s most demanding AAA projects. With experience across diverse genres, including meeting the challenges of large open-world games, you can rely on us to support your project requirements and adjust to your operation’s culture.


Masters in digital character creation and animation

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