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Devil May Cry 5

January 2021

DMC 5 is a legendary stylish action-adventure, fifth installment of the mainline Devil May Cry series, which builds on distinct characters and their battle styles. This 4 years long-awaited masterpiece from Capcom sold over 2 million copies in just 2 weeks after the release.

Impressive visuals introduced with DMC 5 were complemented with 3Lateral’s scanning and character production solutions to help bring life to the incredibly amusing DMC 5 characters. 3Lateral applied its facial asset creation pipeline to deliver realistic facial expressions and facial textures for the characters. Throughout the cutscenes users can notice high level of details on the models, coming as a result of: realistic skin shading with subsurface scattering, detailed contortions and wrinkles introduced with facial rigs from 3Lateral, and close attention to details 3Lateral applies in its production pipeline (like cautiously modeled teeth from Dante).

3Lateral has also delivered game ready clothing assets for all the main characters. 3Lateral scanning tech and data processing pipeline was applied to overcome all that expected challenges productions regularly meet when working with photogrammetry unfriendly material properties - such as reflective and transparent materials. Scanned apparel was processed to deliver retopology and texture sets for each of the clothing items separately (e.g. shoes, trousers, jackets, shirts, props, etc.). This asset delivery setup enabled Capcom to have relevant costume segments moving independently and along the dynamics appropriate for their material properties. As a result Nero's lengthy coat moves with proper momentum, and materials such as glossy leather with natural imperfections add to the overall convincing looks of the characters.

3Lateral is proud of this collaboration with the Capcom team and looking forward to all their future projects!


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