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Crime Boss

March 2023

Crime Boss: Rockay City is an organized crime game combining first-person shooter action and turf wars, playable solo or with friends. It is an homage to over-the-top action movies of the 80s and 90s, featuring a star-studded cast of well-known celebrities from the time period, including Chuck Norris, Michael Rooker, Michael Madsen, Danny Glover, Vanilla Ice and more.

INGAME STUDIOS and 3Lateral collaborated to create eight celebrities' digital doubles by using a single head sculpt in neutral expression as an input for each character. By applying the forerunner of Mesh to MetaHuman technology and adjusting sculpts to MetaHuman retopology layout, our team delivered MetaHuman rigs that mimicked authentic expressions, helping bring the glamorous cast to life.

3Lateral utilized internal tools to create most of the cast while deriving likenesses for digital doubles from a single expression modeled in 3D. INGAME STUDIOS also leveraged the Mesh to MetaHuman plugin to complete the full cast once the technology was made available.

It was a fun and nostalgic challenge to work on a project that gathered such a talented, well-known cast, and to help each one of them shine alongside each other as digital characters in the game. Congratulations to INGAME STUDIOS for this entertaining game that we hope will inspire creators to consider using MetaHumans for capturing celebrity likenesses for their interactive stories.


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