Our mission is to create and perform through exploring abstract landscapes of art and science, exciting new technologies and, most importantly, continuous multi-disciplinary conversation of our valued team members, devoted individuals who are all gathered around the same vision and goal- sampling real world and creating an appearance of life in digital medium. We are looking for new team members who can inspire us and are open to giving us a chance to inspire them, contribute with their ideas, skills and knowledge.

In order to ensure supportive and collaborative environment we:

  • Enable professional development through continuous education and specialization, availability of cutting edge literature, attendance of the leading seminars and conferences from the field
  • Work with exciting new technologies
  • Sustain personal goals through family oriented work regulations
  • Empower autonomy in thinking and acting
  • Make pleasant working atmosphere with friendly and well-minded individuals

We also provide:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Chance to collaborate with the top professionals from the field
  • Organized working schedule- enabling regular vacations and flexible working hours

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